Federal Judge Denies Injunction Against West Dallas Landlord in Ongoing Housing Battle

A federal judge in Dallas denied a temporary restraining order Thursday morning against a West Dallas landlord related to a housing fight that’s been ongoing since late 2016 which almost resulted in the displacement of 300 West Dallas families.Attorneys for HMK Mortgage LLC agreed during a hearing to not pursue foreclosure or debt acceleration on three homeowners suing HMK until the conclusion of an ongoing lawsuit in which the homeowners allege the terms of their loans were predatory.U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay said the order wasn’t necessary because attorneys and their client, Khraish Khraish, the HMK landlord at the center of the ongoing legal dispute, agreed to the terms.The only exception to the agreement not to foreclose would be if the three men suing failed to make their monthly mortgage payments.“This agreement quite comprehensively and adequately protects plaintiffs from foreclosure or debt acceleration until the conclusion of the ongoing trial,” Lindsay said. “But I’m not going to prevent default from failure to pay their mortgages.”Julian Campos and Roberto Barahona sued HMK Mortgage LLC last May, alleging that the terms offered by HMK were predatory and violated consumer protection laws. A third buyer, Martin Morales, joined the lawsuit Thursday after Lindsey approved the motion.  Continue reading...

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