Family Talks About Life 1 Year After Surrogate Gives Birth to Her Granddaughter

NEVADA -- Kelley McKissack raked her hands through her daughter's soft blonde hair, sweeping a portion in a Pebbles Flintstone-style ponytail toward the top of her head. "Which one?" McKissack asked, holding a package of hair clips before Kelcey - one day shy of her first birthday. With a stubby finger, the baby pointed to a glittery silver barrette. "The sparkly one? I like it best, too," McKissack, 29, said, fastening it as Kelcey wiggled out of her lap and crawled toward a pile of toys one room over. Grasping a wall's edge, she pulled herself upright. "She's so close to walking," grandmother Tracey Thompson, said, beaming at the blue-eyed baby who once grew inside her. A year ago, the then 54-year-old Thompson labored for 38 hours at The Medical Center of Plano, waiting to give birth to her granddaughter.   Continue reading...

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