Family Sues Texas Emergency Room Chain for Over $1 Million After Preschooler’s Death

It was slightly before 10 one August morning in 2016 when Keller resident Brian Steinborn discovered his 4-year-old daughter Olivia in bed, her body cold, skin blue and vomit on her face.He and his wife, Juli Treadwell had only managed a few hours of sleep the evening before.At about two in the morning, the couple had taken their feverish child to be examined by a doctor at the nearest emergency room — a freestanding facility run by Excel ER, less than 1 mile away from their North Texas home.She was alert and her fever had fallen from its 101 degree peak. But her heart continued to beat rapidly and her breathing remained abnormal. Her vital signs were checked and labs ordered. She was given fluids and sent home later with a prescription for an antibiotic to treat an ear infection.But nearly five hours after returning home, they were headed back. Olivia’s condition had worsened. By the time she reached the facility for the second time, she was in full cardiopulmonary arrest.  Continue reading...

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