Failed Secretary of State Nominee David Whitley Back on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Payroll

This is a developing story. Check back in for updates. AUSTIN -- Former acting Secretary of State David Whitley, who resigned Monday after failing to be confirmed by senators following his botched oversight of an investigation that questioned the citizenship of nearly 100,000 voters in Texas, has landed back at Gov. Greg Abbott's office where he will return to a $205,000 annual salary. After an Abbott full-court press to get Whitley confirmed failed, Whitley resigned as secretary of state on the final day of the legislative session, giving up his $197,415 salary - a decrease from his previous position at the governor's office but a 49% pay raise over the last secretary of state. On Tuesday, Whitley ended his tenure at the secretary of state's office through a direct transfer to the governor's office, the state comptroller's office - which cuts state employee's checks - confirmed. He will return to the same salary he previously made as a deputy chief of staff in 2017 but will now be designated a special advisor to Abbott. "David Whitley has been an exemplary public servant to the state of Texas for many years and the Governor is proud to welcome him back to our organization as a Special Advisor," said John Wittman, an Abbott spokesman.   Continue reading...

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