Ex-Republican Political Consultant Who Lost Her Business Calls Some Members of Congress Political ‘prostitutes'

Congressman Kenny Marchant is "so arrogant, so self-serving and so greedy," his former political consultant writes in a new book.Congresswoman Kay Granger "had a temper, worried too much what others thought and in general had a chip on her shoulder."These are the words of a former insider, a veteran Republican political consultant who worked for both politicians and published a tell-all memoir.Author Leslie Sorrell tells The Watchdog that she grew disenchanted with her former profession when she realized that members of Congress become, in her words, "crooks" and political "prostitutes."As leader of the Dallas-based Magnolia Group, Sorrell worked exclusively for Republicans in Congress and the Texas Legislature, and on at least one White House campaign (Mitt Romney's).Her book is From Clients to Crooks: An Insider Reveals the Real Washington, D.C.The Watchdog highlights her claims here because Sorrell turned watchdog on her own, harshly blowing the whistle on her clients.  Continue reading...

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