Every Year Atmos Demands Dallas Pay Higher Rates to Keep Us Safe — and Still They Failed

Back in May, Dallas and Atmos were wrestling over the monopoly gas provider's latest rate-hike request. Atmos wanted $10.7 million, insisting it deserved the hike after pouring more than $80 million into local infrastructure upgrades during the previous 12 months. But City Manager T.C. Broadnax said the company would be willing to settle for $7.8 million, after striking a compromise. A 9-6 majority of the city council said it could live with a $5-million bump. Pleasant Grove's Rickey Callahan was among the council members all for meeting in the middle. Echoing the words of Atmos execs who always insist they're only asking for more money because they're doing so much to replace the aging lines beneath Dallas' crumbling streets, Callahan said, "I think the fundamental reason they're asking for increases is we asked them to keep the city safe."Yes you did, councilman. And no they didn't.   Continue reading...

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