Even With Trump's Border Pressure, Lopez Obrador Enjoys Wiggle Room With His People

OJINAGA, Mexico - This nation's president promised to treat migrants humanely and give them jobs. Now he's pledged to crack down on the growing flow of immigrants moving through his country and is preparing to send 6,000 members the national guard to help seal its porous frontier with Guatemala.But the changes in President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's approach to immigration policies don't seem to be affecting his popularity. Rising tensions between Mexico and President Donald Trump's administration are a growing concern, but Mexico's own growing weariness over the rising number of Central Americans immigrants is giving Mexico's president some wiggle room, Lopez Obrador was in Ojinaga Friday to address migration, including how his federal government plans to help Mexican border cities pay for the hosting of migrants. Those migrants, mostly Central Americans heading north to the U.S., have lately been receiving mixed messages about whether or not they're welcomed in Mexico, including from the president himself. Before arriving here in Ojinaga, Lopez Obrador's office issued a statement, saying, in part, "The Central American region is experimenting the biggest exodus in decades. For Mexico the challenge lies in finding solutions to stem the migratory flow," pointing to its proposed economic development plan for the southern region. In militarizing its southern border and creating a strong police presence at airports to stop migrants headed for the U.S., Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, is appeasing President Donald Trump by doing his dirty work.   Continue reading...

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