Enough Already With the Effort to Remove Fluoride From Our Water Supplies

On and off for the last few years I've listened to a small parade of speakers tell the Dallas City Council to rinse the fluoride from the city's water supply. When they first started, I found such presentations and protestations vaguely amusing. Kind of like watching a re-enactment of the scene from Dr. Strangelove where Sterling Hayden tells Peter Sellers that "fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face." Dentists, more concerned with the rotting teeth of people lacking access to affordable dental care, never found the anti-fluoridationists' rants so amusing. In January 2015 Lawrence Wolinsky, dean of Texas A&M University's Baylor College of Dentistry, warned the council that turning back the clock would be a "tremendous disservice to the citizens of Dallas, especially children." Shortly thereafter all but two members of the council approved a contract to keep fluoride in our water. Because science.  Continue reading...

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