Energy Transfer Accuses Greenpeace, Others of Eco-terrorism Toward Its Projects

Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners is accusing Greenpeace International, Earth First! and other groups of inciting terrorist acts and vandalism to generate publicity and raise money for their causes while hampering the Dakota Access pipeline majority owner's ability to raise money for projects.Energy Transfer is the second company to attack Greenpeace and its allies in court for engaging in what they claim is a racketeering scheme far beyond ordinary environmental advocacy. Resolute Forest Products Inc. made similar allegations over Greenpeace's campaign against logging in a May 2016 RICO lawsuit. Both companies are represented by Kasowitz Benson Torres, a New York-based law firm whose managing partner Marc Kasowitz is President Donald Trump's attorney.Greenpeace said the lawsuit won't stop its mission of "protecting the environment and standing in solidarity with vulnerable communities around the world."  Continue reading...

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