Driver Shoots Self After Parking Lot Fender Bender in Downtown San Antonio

A man shot himself in downtown San Antonio Monday night after he rear-ended another vehicle at a La Quinta Inn and Suites.The driver, a 32-year-old man in a Ford Mustang, rear-ended a pickup truck in the parking lot of the hotel in the 300 Blum Street, according to the San Antonio Express-News.The driver of the pickup was not present at the time of the accident.After the accident, the driver called his father to help him assess the damage, San Antonio Police Sgt. Sean Johnson said.The father arrived at the hotel and told him the damage was not severe and could be fixed, but as he was leaving, the man walked over to some trees near Interstate 37, pulled out a gun and fatally shot himself, according to the Express-News.The man died at the scene. The father later told police his son was worried about going to jail, but police said there was no reason that was a possibility.  Continue reading...

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