Downtown Dallas Is Getting a New Market: Italian Shop CiboDivino

CiboDivino, an Italian market, will likely be a talker when it opens in downtown Dallas. So here's how you say it: CHEE-boh dee-VEE-no. It means "divine food" in Italian.Now you know.The shop, expected to open the third week of August, sells housemade bread, Italian food, gourmet groceries and wine. It's essentially a bodega: a small market where people living or working nearby can pop in for ingredients for dinner or an already-made meal. An estimated 150 seats inside and outside the shop will offer a spot to eat pizza or pasta or drink wine or coffee. It has a 1,500-square-foot covered patio."We want it to be a social place," says CiboDivino co-owner Daniele Puleo, an Italian immigrant who moved to the United States 30 years ago. He operates the shop with his wife Christina Puleo. Their first CiboDivino is located in West Dallas, 3.5 miles away from the coming-soon shop in downtown Dallas.  Continue reading...

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