Doorbell Camera Reveals a Slithering Surprise for a Texas Couple

Doorbell camera apps are intended to make people feel safer. But some images might not make you feel that secure. Take, for example, the image caught by Spring resident Allison Keller and her husband on their app. At about 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, her Ring app showed a snake slithering around the door of her home. "We are both terrified of snakes, so it was pretty creepy," Keller told The Houston Chronicle. "We think that it was coiled around our porch light and then it made its way down to the door. Luckily it was just a rat snake, so, thankfully, not venomous." The Ring app has motion sensors that alert users. The Kellers watched as the snake slid down the lock and door handle and the door itself for about five minutes before leaving to hang out in the nearby woods. "We knew there were snakes, but this is the first time since we moved here two years ago that we've actually seen one," Keller said.  Continue reading...

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