Don't Let the Loose Dog Crisis Go the Same Way So Many Other Dallas Problems Have

Perhaps you're thinking that southern Dallas' loose-dog crisis is yesterday's problem. After all, things are improving on a lot of fronts:-- Stats for the just-ended fiscal year document strong results after the police department took over leadership of the animal services operation. The city shelter impounded more than 5,000 more dogs from the field than it caught the previous 12 months while, simultaneously, significantly reducing its euthanasia numbers.-- Six months into the privately funded spay-neuter surge, dubbed "Let's Fix This," Dallas is on track to perform surgeries on more than 29,000 dogs in the first of a massive three-year campaign.-- Dallas Animal Services is getting acquainted with its new boss, Ed Jamison, who previously built the Cleveland shelter pretty much from the ground up. Also on board as the new assistant director is Dallas City Hall veteran and analytics ace Ryan Rogers.-- Barbara Hobbs, who led Dallas Animal Services through its big turnaround, has joined the SPCA of Texas. In addition to overseeing shelter animal care and cruelty cases, she'll be an invaluable informal liaison with the city operation.  Continue reading...

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