Don't Dismiss ‘Black Panther' as Just Another Superhero Movie

If ever there was a time when this bone-weary country needed the empowering Black Panther movie, this is it.We realize this Disney/Marvel tale is all fantasy entertainment based on a comic book superhero, but this film cuts against the negative cultural forces we often feel so powerless to combat. And who couldn't use a little uplifting these days?No wonder folks of all races and creeds — Marvel fans and not — are packing movie houses in record-breaking numbers to see it. They're connecting to its universal message of embracing your power and using it for good.Then there is a cultural bonus: its featuring of a rare black superhero. How often do children get to see a black champion flying through the air dodging blasts? It's the reason thousands of dollars are being raised to send groups of young people to see it.  Continue reading...

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