Donald Trump Needs to Get Out More

Observers who track such things noted last week that the president doesn't travel much. Since taking office, he has not been west of the Mississippi. His destinations have been limited to rallies in Eastern states that voted for him and Trump-branded golf resorts. He needs to get out more. One inviting opportunity recently surfaced here in Texas: A river outfitter specializing in Rio Grande rafting trips through Big Bend National Park offered a free tour for the president and any members of his Cabinet who might care to tag along. "I've got the boats," said river guide Charlie Angell in an interview aired on National Public Radio. "I've got the paddles and life jackets. We'll give him a free lunch." A firsthand view, Angell reasons, might underscore the point that building a border wall through the spectacular national park would be disastrous. In practical terms, it's unnecessary: There are fewer border crossings, illegal or otherwise, through Big Bend than nearly anyplace else along the U.S.-Mexico border because of the region's isolated, rugged terrain.   Continue reading...

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