Domino's Pizza Driver Who Shot Teen Robbery Suspect in Mesquite Had Arizona Gun Permit

The Domino's Pizza driver who shot and killed a 16-year-old robbery suspect Saturday night in Mesquite has a valid concealed weapons permit from Arizona, police said.Authorities originally said the driver, whose name hasn't been released, did not have a handgun license. Lt. Brian Parrish, a Mesquite police spokesman, said the officer who made the initial report wrote that the driver had drawn a concealed-carry pistol. Police searched the driver's name to see if he had a Texas concealed carry permit and learned he did not. But an investigator determined that the driver does have a permit from Arizona, which is also valid in Texas, Parrish said."He's not going to catch any charges regarding unlawful carrying of weapon," Parrish said.The facts and evidence that police have reviewed so far indicate that the driver was acting in self-defense, Parrish said. A grand jury will look at the case and determine whether the driver will face criminal charges."We're not the end-all, be-all when it comes to making this decision -- the grand jury is," Parrish said. "So we send it to the grand jury, and that group of independent people come to their own conclusion." The driver killed 16-year-old Wayne Osborne, a student at John Horn High School in Mesquite.The shooting happened about 11:20 p.m. Saturday in the 1400 block of Springwood Drive near the Mesquite Metropolitan Airport. The driver told police that he went up to the door to deliver a pizza and encountered two male robbers. One of the robbers pointed a pistol at the head of the driver, and when the driver didn't react as expected, the robber lowered the gun and fired slightly off to the driver's side, Parrish said."When this happened, it became clear to the driver that this was a robbery," the police spokesman said.The driver shot back three times and hit the suspect who had fired earlier, according to police. The two robbery suspects ran out the backdoor of the vacant house. Wayne collapsed in an alley, Parrish said.The second suspect, who has not been named, is also a 16-year-old. He was detained on an aggravated robbery charge. Domino's Pizza has suspended the driver as the investigation continues. A spokeswoman for the company didn't return a phone call Monday seeking comment.Mesquite resident Joyce Coologhan said she's a friend of the driver, whom she declined to name. She wrote on social media that the driver had an out-of-state gun license hours before that information was published in a news report.She wrote on social media that the driver had an out-of-state gun license hours before that information was published in a news report.She described him as "a real nice guy" and an Air Force veteran who took a job as a Domino's driver to supplement his disability benefits."This was the job to help him get back on his feet a little bit, to pay his bills," she said.Staff writer Tom Steele contributed to this report.   Continue reading...

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