DNC Chairman Tom Perez Plots Strategy With Texas Democrats

Organization and message. These are the principles that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez hopes will revitalize his party and woo voters in next year's midterm elections."Organize, organize, organize," Perez told The Dallas Morning News. "We need to articulate what we stand for. We're for a brighter future for people in every zip code."Perez is in Dallas Wednesday as part of his "listening tour" in Texas. On Tuesday he was in Austin for the "resistance" rally progressives had at the Texas Capitol. Participants were also protesting the merits of the special legislative session called by Gov. Greg Abbott, which is highlighted by a push for legislation that would limit the bathroom transgender residents can use. Proponents call it a privacy bill, while critics say it discriminates against transgender people."It's hard for me to believe that the most pressing issue in Texas is a bathroom bill," Perez said, adding that he also disdains the sanctuary cities law that would allow law enforcement officials to check a person's citizenship status during routine stops.Texas Republicans, however, said Perez and Democrats were out of touch with voters."DNC Chair Tom Perez claims to not understand Texas, and frankly, I could not agree more," said Texas Republican Party Chairman James Dickey. "Texas is a beacon of conservatism in our country, and the progressive policies of Texas Democrats and Nancy Pelosi types do not speak to the values of Texans."Here's what the new DNC chairman said about other issues.Making Texas competitive for Democrats"Texas is ground zero in this country for voter suppression," Perez said. "We have to make sure people who are eligible to vote are able to vote."Perez was critical of the state's voter ID law, adding that Democrats would use "litigation trials to make sure there's an even playing field."Perez also stressed the importance of being organized and giving voters a clear message.Courting white voters"We just can't cede whole parts of this state," Perez said of Texas.He said it was important to tell voters that Democrats cared about providing Americans with quality health care, good schools and economic opportunities.That message would have appeal across all demographics, he said.Overcoming President Donald TrumpPerez said it was important to resist Trump, but also explain to voters what Democrats would do to help their families.  Continue reading...

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