Ditch Mitch! McConnell Must Resign as Senate Majority ‘leader'

NEW YORK -- ObamaCare smolders, tax-reform looms, the federal budget demands attention, and President Donald J. Trump's sub-cabinet and judicial nominees age gracefully as they await confirmation. So, where was the U.S. Senate last week? Where else? On vacation!Actually, it's not on vacation, per se. Rather, the Senate pretended to work. The day after the federal holiday, the Congressional Record explains, "The Senate met at 9:52:47 a.m. in pro forma session, and adjourned at 9:53:25 a.m." So, the Senate deliberated for a whopping 38 seconds. Its committees were also dark last week.Nauseating.While most Americans spent, at most, one day to honor Christopher Columbus, the Republican Senate devoted a whole week to celebrate the legendary explorer. This is atop the Senate's three-day Rosh Hashanah recess. That break, in turn, followed its month-long summer hiatus before Labor Day.  Continue reading...

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