Dishonor Roll: Former FBI Agent Turned Texas Public School Investigator Sees Corruption Up Close

A retired FBI agent saw The Watchdog's recent report on school board members' groupthink mentality and a big reason for that -- undue influence of the Texas Association of School Boards.My reporting touched a nerve for Don Southerland Jr., the former G-man. The Plano man contacted me.He spent the last four years conducting forensic accounting investigations in troubled Texas public school districts. Don is also a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner.Groupthink weaknesses and poor training lead to leadership failures and ultimately to corruption, the investigator says.Summary of his findings in those four districts: "Numerous programs were fraudulent. School boards were incompetent. Superintendents were corrupt." Texas ISD's are little empires responsible for most of your property tax bill. They are run as monarchies by kings (superintendents) and their top servants (school boards). The problem is it's supposed to be the other way around.  Continue reading...

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