Did You Choose to Live in Fort Worth Over Dallas? Tell Curious Texas Why

In 2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region was the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the nation, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau data.But one North Texas city stands out — and it's not Dallas.Fort Worth was the fastest-growing among the 50 most populous cities — Seattle fell just shy of the top spot -- with a 2.2% increase. Since 2010, Fort Worth grew by an estimated 20% of its population, while Dallas grew 12.3%.Across the country, bigger cities experienced a slowdown in growth. Frisco, McKinney, and Rowlett were all smaller North Texas cities in the top 10. Many newcomers are passing up Dallas, for instance, for smaller cities. Which makes us curious.Fort Worth newcomers: Why did you choose to live in Fort Worth over Dallas? Our query is part of Curious Texas, where our reporters invite you to join in our reporting process.The idea is simple: You submit a question, and our journalists track down answers.You can send us your Curious Texas questions by texting "DMN" to 214-817-3868. Follow the prompts and introduce yourself to us, share your story or questions, and we'll text you with information as we report the story.What's special about this project is that you, the community, are involved in the reporting process. You ask the questions. You decide what the Curious Texas team investigates. And you'll join our reporters as we find answers.Our reporters include Hayat Norimine, who covers Dallas City Hall for The Dallas Morning News. If you have a story tip, you can contact her directly at hayat.norimine@dallasnews.com, or fill out the form below.  Continue reading...

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