Did Plato Prophesy Trump?

All politics, all history, decay. At least that's what Plato thought.Oligarchy to democracy to tyranny: that's how it all unravels and falls apart. Unmoored from beauty and the form of the good, dominated by unwieldy insatiable desires and isolated against each other, we fall together. That's how politics and society will collapse. Again, according to Plato.The masses, mostly indebted and disenfranchised but armed and with "hatred in their hearts," they "long for revolution," searching for false liberty and false equality, which is all but a charade, little more than the whims of untutored pathetic desires. It's an extreme liberty which gives way to extreme subjection. Protested desires unfettered, expressed, and supported by the judiciary; a utopia it may seem at a distance, but up close its terrifyingly different.  Continue reading...

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