Despite Backlash, Carrollton Approves Ordinance Protecting LGBT City Employees, Others

A national debate over LGBT rights came late Tuesday to Carrollton as the City Council approved an ordinance to protect city employees and contractors against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.The protections will also apply to city appointees to boards and commissions and people who use city facilities. But the ordinance is narrow in scope; it doesn’t cover employers, landlords and businesses that serve the public across Carrollton.The Carrollton council chambers were packed Tuesday for the vote. Some public speakers raised concerns that the ordinance would attack their religious rights or protect predatory behavior in women’s bathrooms.The vote after the contentious discussion was 5-2. Council members Mike Hennefer and Glen Blanscet opposed the measure.The two said the ordinance wasn’t necessary because the city of Carrollton already doesn’t discriminate against LGBT people. Blanscet said he also had concerns about the unintended consequences of the anti-discrimination ordinance.  Continue reading...

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