Denton Inmate Was Making Noose From Pants When Jail Officer Saw and Stopped Suicide Attempt, Police Say

A detention officer at Denton's city jail is being credited with saving an inmate’s life after finding the man preparing to hang himself Wednesday morning.The officer, whose name was not released, found the 25-year-old man fashioning his pants into a noose, with one pants leg tied to his bunk and neck, the department said on Facebook. The officer immediately removed the man from the cell.The inmate was unharmed in the incident. He was being held on a burglary charge, and police said he had given no indication that he might be suicidal. Jail workers are required to perform cell checks every 30 minutes. It was during one of these routine checks that police say the officer noticed the attempt. The inmate has since been moved to the Denton County jail and is receiving mental-health services, police said.  Continue reading...

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