Dear Watchdog Nation: A Look Back at the Trouble We Caused in 2016

Dear citizens of Watchdog Nation,You know those annoying holiday letters people send bragging about exotic vacations, their children's middle school exploits and the sad death of their cat?My partner Marina Trahan Martinez and I can't resist. Welcome to The Watchdog family holiday letter, in which we lovingly look back and reflect on one of our life missions: who'd we tick off in 2016?Steep price to payStart with our definition of happy news. Remember that Denton auto mechanic, Jeff Fleming, who accepted $3,700 from a single mom but for 19 months didn't fix her car? After our report, an anonymous donor sold the mom a car for $1. Then Denton attorney Curtis M. Loveless volunteered to take the mother's case to court. Fleming was a no-show. A judge ordered Fleming to pay - sit down for this - $92,000.  Continue reading...

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