Dear Kristaps Porzingis: Welcome to Dallas, You're Gonna Love It

Dear Kristaps:From one expat New Yorker to another, let me welcome you to Dallas, and give you a few suggestions as to what you might expect from your new hometown.First off, let me reassure you that you can be happy here, even if you're of a cosmopolitan bent, as I suspect you are, being a well-traveled European gentleman. Dallas has fine museums (not to mention those over in nearby Fort Worth), and unlike New York, you can actually visit without feeling like your stuck in a subway car at rush hour. The symphony is excellent (so good that the New York Philharmonic stole our conductor), and if you lean more toward more popular music, well, let's just say that Erykah Badu calls Dallas home. Mike drop.The restaurant scene is generally good — the bar scene can be a little "bro" heavy down on McKinney, so watch for that — and we've got lots of ethnic food, though you might have to head out to the suburbs if you really want to get authentic.   Continue reading...

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