Daughter Pleads for Help After Charm With Father's Remains Is Stolen in Fort Worth

A woman who says her purse was stolen in Fort Worth last week has taken to Facebook to plead for help finding a charm that contains her father's remains. Lillian D'Ann Taylor, 37, said her purse was stolen from her car at the Fort Worth Rowing Club on June 3 while she was bowfishing with her fiancé. The charm was inside. "If I recover none of the contents of my purse I would give anything to just have this back," Taylor, of Boyd, posted the next day on Facebook. "I cannot replace it, and it was hand chosen by my Dad himself for me." Taylor said her father picked out the charm during a long hospital stay before his death, and she received the charm from the funeral home after his cremation.She said she has worn the charm every Father's Day since her father's death in 2010."That charm means the world to me."  Continue reading...

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