Dallas Zoo's Penguin Chick Siblings to Get First Swimming Lesson

Like thousands of youngsters will do this summer, the Dallas Zoo's newest penguin siblings will get their first swimming lesson Wednesday. Opus and Moshi were born days apart in December to parents Tazo and Tulip. The brother and sister recently lost their gray downy feathers and are ready to begin swimming, the zoo said. Opus, born Dec. 21, and Moshi, born Christmas Eve, weighed less than 3 ounces then and have grown to about 6 pounds each, the zoo said. Keepers will be standing by at 10:30 a.m. when they plunge into Glendenning Penguin Cove in case they have any trouble.After they hop in and test their skills, Opus and Moshi will be joined by their parents and older siblings — brothers Mario and Adelaar, and the zoo's first penguin chick Marina.  Continue reading...

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