Dallas Women May Have to Wait Till 2049 to Get Paid as Much as Men

Women in Collin and Denton counties earn more than their counterparts in Dallas County, but they're facing bigger gaps in pay compared to men, a new report says.The report, released Thursday by the Dallas Women's Foundation along with the Institute for Women's Policy Research, also found that in Texas, women may have to wait until 2049 for equal pay. However, the study found that if they were paid the same wage as men for comparable jobs, poverty among working women, especially single mothers, could be reduced by what foundation president and CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson described as a "shocking" degree -- more than half.The new data highlights that even as women across the globe have felt empowered to speak up about workplace barriers like sexual harassment and pay disparities, Texas women have a long way to go before they're treated equally in the workforce.   Continue reading...

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