Dallas Woman Found Guilty of Laundering Over $246,000, Wiring Funds to Nigeria in Email Scam

A federal court found a Dallas woman guilty Wednesday of helping to scam over $246,000 from a Georgia lawyer.Gloria Ifem Okolie, 39, was acquitted of one count of wire fraud and convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering in the Southern District of Georgia.Authorities say a person who was not identified in court documents emailed a Georgia lawyer who was selling real estate, directing them to wire the proceeds to G.C. Investment and Logistics.Okolie opened an account under that name at an Addison bank, then redirected the attorney's money to co-conspirators in Nigeria and Killeen, authorities said.One co-conspirator, Paul Wilson Aisosa, has pleaded guilty to money laundering."Complex international cases involving cyber fraud and banking manipulation are still, in the end, just old-fashioned theft," U.S. Attorney Bobby L. Christine said in a written statement. "And just like any other theft, our job is to work with our law enforcement partners to bring these thieves to justice and shut down the avenues by which they enrich themselves at the expense of honest people."A sentencing date has not been set.  Continue reading...

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