Dallas Will Finally Remove the Base Upon Which the Robert E. Lee Statue Once Sat

Come March, maybe sooner, it will be as though the Robert E. Lee statue in Oak Lawn Park never existed.Alexander Phimister Proctor's 1935 statue Robert E. Lee and Young Soldier overlooking Turtle Creek Boulevard was removed in September 2017. Beginning Tuesday, the city will finally begin removing the plinth upon which the work was perched upon its installation in June 1936, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was present in Dallas for its unveiling.In a release issued Tuesday morning, Dallas City Hall said the Texas Pink Granite base — designed by Dallas architect Mark Lemmon — will be "disassembled and archived in a secure location" on city property. The statue itself is currently in storage at Hensley Field, the former Naval Air Station on Mountain Creek Lake, biding its time in a crate made of plywood and Plexiglas.  Continue reading...

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