Dallas, We Need to Spend More on Police, and Here’s the Price

In most circumstances, we are loath to see the cost of government grow, and we understand that Dallas taxpayers are exhausted with rising property tax bills.But we also must acknowledge a competing concern: the crisis of public safety unfolding now. Dallas has to be a safe city to be a prosperous city. And to be a safe city, we have to restore a police force depleted by a pension disaster and a morale collapse that has seen too many good officers leave the force. With that, we support the responsible budget City Manager T.C. Broadnax will present to the Dallas City Council next week.The budget calls for a 0.33-cent tax rate increase, bringing the overall tax rate to 78 cents per $100 in valuation. For most Dallas taxpayers, this will not amount to a substantial increase in their annual tax bill. For the average home value of $303,000, it will cost an additional $8 a year. For higher value homes and properties, the increase will be more, but within reason.We wouldn’t endorse this budget if we didn’t believe most Dallas residents would too. That’s because people in this city understand that investing in the police force is the appropriate response to rising crime rates.  Continue reading...

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