Dallas Trail Renamed for Ned and Genie Fritz, Who Helped Save the Great Trinity Forest

Dallas has the Great Trinity Forest for two reasons: lawyer Ned Fritz and his wife Genie. Long before the prolonged and brutal battle over planting a toll road in the Trinity River floodway, the couple fought off politicians who tried to turn the river into a concrete channel, who wanted to create a barge canal, and who tried to pave the 6,000-acre slice of verdant paradise that sprawls through out the southern half — the prettier half — of this city.And on Wednesday, the Dallas City Council did something it should have done long, long ago — before December 2008, at the very least, when Ned died at the age of 92.Unanimously, council members voted to rename the Texas Buckeye Trail in the Great Trinity Forest for the couple. As of now, we must refer to the pathway on the other side of the levee from the Bonton Farm by its rightful name: the Ned and Genie Fritz Texas Buckeye Trail. Which is only appropriate for the first trail carved through the forest, the one that introduced city-dwellers to the sprawling woodlands in their backyard.  Continue reading...

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