Dallas Tosses Proposed Housing-for-homeless Sites After Pushback From Lake Highlands

After a week's worth of unrest over a proposal of permanent supportive housing for the homeless along Greenville Avenue near Forest Lane, Dallas City Hall is back to square one. City Manager T.C. Broadnax announced Friday night that he will scrap a search for developers interested in spending $20 million in 2017 bond dollars on affordable housing. In a memo sent to the Dallas City Council, Broadnax said city staffers didn't properly communicate the proposal to community members. So he directed the Office of Homeless Solutions to cancel an ongoing search for developers interested in building around 100 units of affordable housing. Broadnax said community input is "an essential component" in the city's efforts to address homelessness. "It is clear that the process to receive community input did not meet my expectations," Broadnax wrote. "Therefore, it is my responsibility to take corrective action."  Continue reading...

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