Dallas Teen's Senseless Death Is More Than a Black-on-black Crime Problem

There was something about the way Tyrek Jenkins was killed that struck a chord.The 19-year-old was walking home from a Pleasant Grove convenience store where he'd gone to get snacks for his fiancée and their child when he was gunned down Wednesday night.This young man, who'd recently landed a new job with Amazon and rekindled his faith, had a promising life ahead of him. He was, according to his grandfather, the Rev. Ronald Wright, a kid who had his head on straight, his heart in the right place."Him and his brother were just good quiet kids, good boys," Wright told WFAA-TV.That's why his mother, Yeneka Younger-Robinson, was struggling to understand what happened - and why?"You didn't take his money. You didn't take his phone," she said in an interview with WFAA. "You took his life."The shooting, for now, looks like another senseless murder stemming from a long and disturbing string of drive-by attacks in southern Dallas.  Continue reading...

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