Dallas Teen Jumped on Moving Vehicle During School Walkout, Police Said

Police arrested a Dallas high school students who participated in a school walkout the day after "A Day Without Immigrants" demonstrations took place across the county last week.According to police reports, Cristhian Pagoada, 17, blocked traffic in the middle of the road, tried to jump on a moving car and attempted to evade arrest outside of Bryan Adams High School.Police arrived at the school last Friday to find Pagoada and a large group of students from the high school walking in the middle of the road. Responding officers said they asked the group several times to move to the sidewalk, but the crowd refused.Pagoada broke off from the group and attempted to block a nearby intersection and jump onto a moving vehicle. Police approached the teen and told him to stop. As they were trying to arrest him, he took off and a short foot chase ensued. Eventually officers were able to arrest the teen, take him into custody and charge him for evading arrest and   Continue reading...

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