Dallas Stars Becomes First Team to Publicly Oppose Texas Bathroom Bill

AUSTIN — The Dallas Stars has become the first professional sports franchise to publicly oppose the Texas "bathroom bill.""The Dallas Stars stands strongly opposed to any legislation perceived as discriminatory, including proposed bathroom legislation," President James R. Lites on Wednesday. "Dallas welcomes all, and we welcome all."Lites also referenced the NFL draft, which was scheduled to take place in Dallas this year over objections from LGBT rights organizations: "We are proud of our home and want every visitor to feel safe at home here, too, and that's why we oppose this discriminatory bathroom legislation." While Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has criticized the bill, Lites is the first club president to reject legislation on behalf of an entire team. Sources have told The Dallas Morning News the Dallas Cowboys have been quietly lobbying against the bills, but the team has not yet publicly rejected it.  Continue reading...

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