Dallas Police's To-do List for 2018: Hire, Retain More Officers to Help Address ‘drugs, Gangs and Guns'

Three months into 2018, Dallas police finally have a plan for retaining more officers and reducing crime for the year. Police Chief U. Renee Hall said Monday that she's tasked the department with reducing its unserved warrants backlog, re-evaluating the city's crime hot spots known as Targeted Area Action Grids and addressing "drugs, gangs and guns" that account for a bulk of the city's crimes. Another major component of Hall's goals: adding and keeping officers. Nearly 300 officers have left the Police Department in the past two years, with many leaving for higher paying police jobs in other cities. Police said on Monday that the departures seem to be slowing down. To retain more officers, the chief is considering shifting officers to four, 10-hour work days a week. The move is intended to boost morale by allowing more time with their families.  Continue reading...

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