Dallas Police Say They're Watching for Strain on Detectives After Increase of Murders in May

Dallas has averaged more than a murder a day in May as police try to deal with upticks in violent crime.Police officials say they're managing the spate of 19 homicides so far this month. But officer associations' leaders say as a result, homicide detectives in the short-staffed department are overburdened.“It’s not just caseload. These are detectives who are being called away all the time,” Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said. “The job puts a strain on their family and relationships.”In a Friday in meeting with The Dallas Morning News’ editorial board, the department's top brass said they’re looking at workloads."We do talk about the strain that is on our homicide squad. Having worked homicide, I understand that," said Executive Assistant Chief David Pughes, a former lieutenant over the squad. "I want to be here today to give them credit. They're really doing a fantastic job, given what they're experiencing."For now, police officials say, homicide detectives are still solving the crimes and haven’t fallen behind on their cases.  Continue reading...

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