Dallas Police Chief Fires Officer After Allegations of Unnecessary Force, Untruthful Statements

Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall on Tuesday fired an officer who she said was untruthful with investigators and used unnecessary force during a traffic stop.Officer Cornelius Harris IV, who was hired by the department in October 2014, worked in the southeast patrol division. He had been subject of multiple internal affairs investigations for alleged policy violations.Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata declined to comment on the officer's termination.In a statement from the department, police said the most recent investigation, which concluded in April 2018, found that Harris violated the restricted duty policy and "gave an untruthful verbal statement to a supervisor."According to the statement, Harris also used "inappropriate force against a citizen" in May 2017. An investigation found Harris failed to perform a proper felony traffic stop and he entered inaccurate information into a department report. Police said Harris in 2016 was also investigated by the internal affairs department after providing "falsified doctor's notes in order to receive sick excused leave" on three separate dates: Aug. 27, Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.Under civil service rules, Harris has the right to appeal the firing.  Continue reading...

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