Dallas Plan Commission Does the Right Thing With Vote to Uphold Confederate War Memorial Removal

Usually, city security doesn't put up metal detectors outside council chambers for City Plan Commission meetings. Last time I or anyone else can seem to remember it happening was in 2013, when the commission shot down permits that would have allowed fracking in the floodplain in northwest Dallas. A simpler time.The detectors were in place again Thursday because it was the plan commission's turn to hear The Case of the Confederate War Memorial — specifically, the appeals of Karen Pieroni and Chris Carter.Each paid their $700 to protest the Landmark Commission's determination that the Dallas City Council was correct in February when it said the 122-year-old Frank Teitch sculpture in Pioneer Park Cemetery is a "a non-contributing structure" inside its historic bounds.It was not money well spent.After five hours of waiting and two hours of debating, the plan commission unanimously sided with Landmark and the council.   Continue reading...

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