Dallas' Nonpartisan Elections, Catholic Diocese of Dallas and More From Curious Texas This Week

Happy Friday, Curious Texans! We answered one of your questions this week, and we're looking for your input on several others. Here's what we have for this week: 1. Why does Dallas have nonpartisan municipal elections? Why has Dallas opted to have nonpartisan elections? And have the city's elections always been this way? Members of our staff wanted to know more about our local elections, so they asked Curious Texas for answers. We would love to hear from you. What's your story? Share your experiences as part of the 2019 Dallas Festival of Books and Ideas. As part of the festival, our Curious Texas project invites you to share your questions and experiences related to the festival's four topics: The Physical City Tell us: What do you wonder about the experience of living in Dallas as a person over the age of 65? The Welcoming City Tell us: What questions did you have about the community when you first came to North Texas? Science in the City Tell us: What questions do you have about how cities collect and use data about their citizens? Literary CityTell us: If you were to recommend one book for your neighbors in North Texas to read, what would it be and why?  Continue reading...

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