Dallas Mother Whose 2 Sons Died Minutes Apart After Shooting, Crash Loses Third Son

After a shooting in October set off a chain reaction that left two of Earline Caldwell’s sons dead, the Dallas mother is now grieving the loss of another son.Her son Marco Clewis, 40, was shot to death in October at his home in South Dallas. His brother Burnis “Earl” Clewis, 51, who lived on the same street, chased after his brother’s killers before he died in a crash about a mile away.Last week, the family buried Matthew Clewis, who had suffered seizures since he was shot in the head at age 14 and never recovered from his most recent seizure at age 43.Caldwell said her son’s grief over the loss of his two brothers, who helped care for him, contributed to his death.Now, months after the shooting, Caldwell still turns the same questions over in her head: Who did this to her family, and why?  Continue reading...

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