Dallas Morning News Outtakes: Rose Baca and the Cold, Rainy, Foggy, Sunny, Unpredictable Weather

Editor's note: Each week, the visual journalists of The Dallas Morning News capture thousands of images, and we are only able to publish a fraction. Every Friday in a series called Outtakes, they will share photos from the previous week that may have fallen on the cutting-room floor, and the stories behind them. — Marcia L. Allert, director of photographyIt is, without a doubt, unpredictable weather season. You know, that time of year where it's below freezing on Monday, and by Friday it's 70 degrees and sunny? The weather likes to play games but I don't, so as a photographer I dress in layers, wear my waterproof hiking boots and store snacks in my car. Because when it comes to Dallas weather, there's no telling where it may lead or how hungry I may get.  Continue reading...

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