Dallas Mayor Secures New Gig as Partner at Major Law Firm Locke Lord

Eric Johnson is Dallas' newly elected mayor and, officially as of Monday, a partner at one of the largest law firms in the city he leads.Locke Lord on Monday announced Johnson as a new partner at its Dallas office. The firm's Deputy Managing Partner Whit Roberts said Johnson's background in public finance will make him "invaluable" to the firm.In an interview with The Dallas Morning News on Monday afternoon, Roberts said Johnson will work as a bond lawyer and have his own office at its location at the Chase Tower on Ross Avenue, one mile from City Hall. Locke Lord declined to say what his salary or work hours will be. In Locke Lord's press release, Johnson said his mayoral duties "will always come first," but wants to continue to practice law. He will need to continue to abide by the city's ethics code, he said, and has consulted the city attorney's office before taking the job."The mayor has said that his service to the residents of Dallas come first, and we fully understand that," Roberts said. "I'm thrilled that he's joining the firm. ... It's a step that makes Locke Lord stronger and it'll serve our clients as a result."  Continue reading...

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