Dallas ISD Steps Up as Texas Kicks Far Too Many of Its Youngest Kids Out of Class

Too many kids in classrooms across North Texas are weighed down by the same kind of post-traumatic stress disorder that burdens American soldiers returning from war zones.Growing up in concentrated poverty — and the toxic trauma that comes with it — not only can lead to PTSD but also short-circuits brain development in children. This overload leaves little bandwidth for even basic learning and often results in disruptive acting out in class.That's why our newspaper has supported efforts within school districts to embed social-emotional lessons and coping skills into early-year classrooms. And why we've applauded the Dallas school district for not settling for disciplining troublesome student behavior but seeking to understand and rectify any underlying mental-health issues.A new report this week detailing suspensions among the state's youngest students reminds us that much work remains to be done.  Continue reading...

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