Dallas Is Finally Talking About Bicycles

The other day, I once again found myself discussing dockless bike share. Someone said the only thing anyone in Dallas is talking about is bikes. "How can we get people talking about real issues?" she asked.I'll admit: I bristled a little. It has taken a very long time for us to talk this much about bikes in Dallas. And I love it.I work at an urban design nonprofit. We spend our days promoting neighborhoods that are walkable, livable, and yes, bikeable. I've seen what good bicycling networks can do. And I'll argue until my dying breath that the bike is a real issue that will help us address the other real issues.In the 1960s, Dallas (and the rest of the country) built elevated highways that ripped through neighborhoods, destroying communities and separating our city. Dallas is segregated by its highway system. We can use bikes to bridge the gap, because bikes are flexible, adaptable and able to penetrate the concrete that divided us.  Continue reading...

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