Dallas Hails ‘significant Progress' on 911 Issues, But Questions Persist After Long Hold Times, Deaths

T-Mobile engineers and city officials said Thursday they've made "significant progress" in figuring out why the Dallas 911 call center has been so bogged down by spurious calls.City spokeswoman Sana Syed said a series of complex technological issues have helped create a debacle that has correlated with at leasttwo deaths. What remains unclear is who shares in the blame and whether the problem is fixed.T-Mobile has made some technological upgrades, which officials declined to elaborate on for security reasons. And city officials say they plan to make their own changes. The city will also add a dozen call takers a day until the issues are resolved.The days ahead will be critical, Syed said."The genuine hope here is that it's a combination of things ... and this might do the trick and we may have figured this out," Syed said. "But it's not over yet."The wireless carrier's engineers, who started working Wednesday at City Hall, will remain on the ground in Dallas for the next two weeks to help deal with any other issues that arise. Other than that, T-Mobile officials believe their job is done."We have done everything we can do to smooth out the calls," said Stacey DiNuzzo, a spokeswoman for T-Mobile. "Now, the city was pretty clear they are working on some things on their end."  Continue reading...

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