Dallas DA Must Earn Trust by Successfully Prosecuting Jordan Edwards' Killer

On April 29, Jordan Edwards was, I believe, murdered by Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver. While I'm confident that many people have come to the same conclusion, it doesn't matter until our public officials successfully shepherd this case through the legal system. Without them, the case goes nowhere.Trust is often called for, but seldom earned, especially in cases of police brutality. Even the most obvious cases are often scuttled. When Edwards was killed, I found hope in limited supply. Trusting God, I prayed.Minutes later, I was invited to a meeting with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson. When I repeatedly asked about the scope of the gathering, I was told that an agenda had not been set. Well aware that a lack of a negotiated agenda means that someone else will control the agenda, I still knew I had to go. Considering the many possible outcomes of the meeting, I wondered if it would be an answer to prayer or the beginning of a nightmare.  Continue reading...

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