Dallas County Officials Push for a Pay Hike, But Three Commissioners Push Back on Behalf of Taxpayers

Too often elected officials aren’t attuned to the mood of the electorate, and that is especially problematic when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars on their own salaries.So we were pleasantly surprised when Dallas County Commissioners voted down a measure to give themselves and other elected officials a 4% pay raise. County Judge Clay Jenkins and Commissioners Elba Garcia and J.J. Koch voted against the raise. Commissioners John Wiley Price and Theresa Daniel backed it. The no vote means that the commissioners, sheriff, county treasurer, county clerk, district clerk, tax assessor-collector, justices of the peace and constables may have to make do with their current pay. And it is hardly a pauper’s wage — most receive well more than $120,000 a year and perks such as car allowances.  Continue reading...

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