Dallas City Officials Oppose House Bathroom Bill During Late-night Debate

AUSTIN — By the time the Gonzales family stood to speak early Thursday morning, their young daughter had fallen asleep. Slung over her father's back, Libby fidgeted and, at one point, yawned, as her parents pleaded with House lawmakers to defend her rights as a transgender girl and a Texan."Many, many families in Texas, including my own, are counting on you to keep our children safe," Libby's mother Rachel Gonzales told the House Committee on State Affairs just before 2:00 a.m. "Please do not let us down."Libby, 7, had wanted to speak. But she had nodded off, so her parents pleaded on her behalf. House Bill 2899, the so-called bathroom bill being debated that night, would put Libby in danger, her mother: "It's scary enough as a part to know you won't always be able to protect your children from the ugly in this world."  Continue reading...

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